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NEXTDOOR: Stay connected to the people in YOUR neighborhood

November 22, 2014 by in category : Earn Rewards, App Discovery, Organizing, Save Time: Money, Tips & Tricks tagged as , , , with 0 and 0


When a person you refer to Nextdoor launches a new Nextdoor website for their neighborhood, you’ll each receive $25 Amazon Gift Cards. We’ll notify you when your friend’s neighborhood officially launches.

nextdoor reward

$25 Amazon Gift Card Terms and Condition

For a neighborhood to qualify, your friend must not have an existing Nextdoor site in their neighborhood. To officially launch their site, your friend needs to sign up at least 10 neighbors who verify their addresses during the 21-day pilot period. Pilot time frames may be extended in special circumstances or upon request. Both of you and your referred friend must be verified Nextdoor members.

Referrals are valid only for sign ups through your unique Nextdoor referral link or one of the invitation methods listed on the referral page. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make and gift certificates you can earn.

Gift cards will normally be emailed to you and your friend within 45 days of the launch of your referred neighborhood. If you have not received your card within this time, please contact the Nextdoor help desk. Nextdoor is not responsible for any lost or unused gift certificates.

All current Nextdoor members, excluding Nextdoor employees and contractors, are eligible to participate in this referral program. This program is void where prohibited and Nextdoor may cancel or modify these terms at any time.



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